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04. 06. 2023 13:06 / Domina hledá otroka
Femdom Night

BDSM inzerát
Soukromá Kinky Ladies FemDom party úterý 6/6 Odvaž se vstoupit do našeho kinky světa. Nadešel tvůj čas odevzdat se! Staň se jednou z našich hraček, plně oddanou naší radosti a potěšení, či potrestanou za tvou nedostatečnou službu. Pokud sníš o tom, že budeš vystaven hned několika přísným dominám, tvoje tělo i duše podlehne jejich vůli a ty zvládneš, či dokonce vítáš, přítomnost dalších submisivů…neváhej a pošli přihlášku se svými schopnostmi a fantaziemi. Pro anonymní účast jsou poskytovány masky.

16. 05. 2023 23:05 / Domina hledá otroka
Transformative BDSM lesson

BDSM inzerát
Hi, I’m Kira. And this is about you and me. I have German roots, but living in Prague for several years. So, you better speak English or German - or want to be trained in one of those. Yes, I LOVE to give orders in German! Exploring shadows is my passion. Diving in the world of fantasy and creating intense experiences of tease and denial, playing with your sexual arousal or sophisticated games with your mind, wandering between cold queen and warmhearted mistress… You want to serve me? Brilliant! I love to be spoiled and pampered - queen style. Full dedication makes my heart beat. My favorite games? Any Nipple play, spanking, floggering, feminization (bring your favorite lipstick, and your secret bra collection), role plays, I’m definitely into foot fetish, leather, lack, latex. I also invite all of you who don’t know anything about the world of BDSM to let yourself be guided into the dungeon of erotic fantasies. You will be surprised what you find. Write me an email about your BDSM preferences, desired fantasies. I will decide if it matches my interests.

07. 02. 2023 23:02 / Domina hledá otroka
FEMDOM Deluxe session

BDSM inzerát
Join us for your unique VIP Kink adventure. Experience Madam Canabelle and me in a hedonistic PRIVATE Femdom night – wild, personal, raw, authentic. Eeating sushi served on your body, drinking Champagne and spitting it into your mouth, you lying at our feet, massaging our bodies… share your fantasies with us and we will melt them with ours. It is our specialty to create intensive, deep, mind-blowing settings. Clients often refer to our sessions as “life-changing” or “the best session ever”. This is because we FEEL and LIVE BDSM. BDSM is rich – smart, sexy, sadistic, funny, personal, emotional and playful, and we bring there our skills also from Tantra, Bodywork, Hypnosis and others. So, if you want to join this fabulous event, don’t hesitate to write me a message. We just accept 1 or maximum 2 servants for this exclusive event.

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